The game has been changed, again.  Introducing the Mayhem Syndicate Carry Compensator Mk2

When we came out with the first version of the carry comp people went wild for it.  We were naturally excited, but when the homies over at Arsenal Democracy called us up and said "Hey, we have an idea for you," we listened.  Quick-Lock is what happened next.  We put our heads together and took what was already awesome and made it unstoppable. No more tools, no Loctite, no wiggle, just on and off.

Enter QuickLock. The collab team designed a proprietary spring loaded, captured detent system to give you the ability to install and remove the system with nothing more than your hands and somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds.

The proprietary match fit barrel/compensator system is designed to give you the benefits of a competition pistol in your daily concealed carry package.  The Mayhem Carry Comp gives your G19/17/26/34 optimal gas dispersion to decrease felt recoil in a package the overall length and profile of a Glock one size larger.  

So this means:

G26 will have OAL of G19

G19 will have OAL of G17

G17 will have OAL of G34

Boasting improved balance, weight, and size over other designs, now you can carry a compensated gun AIWB without smashing the important things.


Platform- G19, 26, 17, 34

Ports: 3

OAL: G17 slide length (G19 will fit in a G17 holster, G26 will fit a G19 holster)

Barrel: Match fit proprietary PVD finished threaded barrel design in collaboration with Arsenal Democracy. THIS SYSTEM WILL NOT WORK WITH A STANDARD THREADED BARREL.

Retention: Quick-lock

Gunsmithing required: None

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting Mayhem Syndicate.  We will continue to work hard and bring you new innovations that change the marketplace.

Mayhem Syndicate Carry Comp Mk2


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