Sons of Liberty Gun Works  M4-76 – SAGE DYNAMICS EDITION 5.56 
HIGHLIGHTS: 	12.5in Rosco Barrel Private Label for SOLGW	4150 CMV BARREL 	11.5” M76 WEDGE LOCK RAIL	VLTOR A5 BuFFER SYSTEM	GEISSELE G2S Trigger	RAPTOR-LT CHARGING HANDLE	RAILSCALES & CARVE	MBUS PRO SIGHTS	CERAKOTE	SBA3 BRACE	NOX Muzzle DEVICE	LIFETIME WARRANTY – MUZZLE TO BUTTSTOCKIn partnership with Sage Dynamics (Aaron Cowan), SOLGW built this to AR Pistol to his specifications. Sons of Liberty Gun Works believes in several core values when building a hard use tool.	Sourcing Quality Mil-Spec or better parts. 	Built properly by highly trained armorers, ready for hard use out the box.	Quality Bolt Carrier Group that is purposely overbuilt.	Accurate & long-lasting barrel.	Properly tuned gas porting and buffer system.	Complimenting peripherals that are enhance the usability.All rifles are test fired twice in shop to ensure proper function.



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