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A single print, “Consequences” from the set “Rule & Consequence” featuring the McMinn original artwork variation engraved on the pistol used on screen by John Wick played by Keanu Reeves, in the feature film, John Wick 4. Printed from the hand engraved copper plates used for “proof of concept” when designing the artwork to be engraved on the dueling pistols commissioned for use in the feature film.


These high quality pressed intaglio prints were hand engraved on copper plate and hand printed by FEGA certified Master Engraver, Melissa McMinn, in studio, and limited to a series of 100 prints. The prints are on high quality acid free archival printmaking paper, and printed using deep black oil based etching ink. The 4x6” prints were printed on 5x7” paper and are presented in 8x10” black mats, ready to frame. Each print is hand numbered and signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity, also signed and numbered by the artist, complete with wax seal, with the artists’ signature “M” engraving mark, hand engraved of course. Additionally, the artwork was signed “in plate” using the same hand cut marking used on all hand engraved work. This was done on the copper plates as it would be on an engraving, as such it reads in reverse on the intaglios. Prints 1-50 are being offered as a set, while prints 51-100 will be offered as singles, titled “Rules” and “Consequences” respectively. The color of wax seal featured on the certificates of authenticity also denote how the print was purchased, a pearled maroon seal accompanies the full set “Rules & Consequences” while a black seal adorns the “Rules” print and a white seal with “Consequences,” adding to the collectibility of each.

Prints will be sold in numbered order according to the order of purchase. Requests for specific numbers in the series of print cannot be accommodated at this time. If singles of each variation are purchased together, effort will be made to fulfill the purchase with matching numbered prints.

Read more about the entire John Wick 4 design work and engraving project as well as the intaglio process in the blog via

The prints are matted with archival mounting corners, so that no adhesive touches the print itself. Best care practices include keeping the print(s) in a dry, humidity controlled environment, and avoiding touching the surface of the print. Professional framers should abide by these practices.


**Frame and pistol not included. Serial numbers may vary from product listing.

Intaglio Print - "Consequences" - Original Artwork From JW4 Dueling Pistols

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