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Maxim Defense PDX 
7.62 x 39


Born from the SOCOM PDW solicitation, the NEW Maxim Defense PDX™ is designed to handle the fierce demands of the Tier 1 community. The PDX™ dominates close quarter encounters and achieves maximum energy on target. At just 18.75” in overall length, the PDX™ delivers groundbreaking power and performance in a sub compact platform.

BARREL LENGTH 5.5” / 139.7 mm
OVERALL LENGTH 18.75” / 476.25 mm
WEIGHT (EMPTY) 5.9 lbs / 2.68 kg
MUZZLE DEVICE Maxim Defense HATEBRAKE™ Muzzle Booster
TRIGGER ALG Combat Trigger (ACT) 
Magazines: Each PDX ships with one 20rd magazine 

Maxim Defense 7.62x39 PDX (Black)

Out of Stock
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