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Sig Sauer P226 X-Five


**Please note that the optic is NOT included in the purchase. If you would like to add an optic to your order, please feel free to call the shop**


The original P226-XFIVE quickly became known the world over as the ultimate target pistol. Now SIG Custom Works is bringing that same legendary performance and precision back with an all new P226-XFIVE. Based on the venerable P226 platform, this 9mm Single-Action Only pistol is designed for maximum performance with a 5-inch bull barrel and a stainless steel frame delivering a smooth, flawless action and unrivaled accuracy. The P226-XFIVE can be adapted to any shooter's preference with a fully adjustable trigger for pull weight, over-travel and a trigger shoe that is removeable and adjustable for length-of-pull. The adjustable Dawson-style rear sight plate can be removed to direct-mount a ROMEO1PRO, ROMEO2, or any other optic using the standard PRO footprint. The P226-XFIVE is a Custom Works production release and comes with three 20-Round steel magazines with alloy base pads.


  • Trigger - Light, crisp, clean pull with “3-position” design, allowing pull length, pull weight, over travel, and reset to be tuned to the user’s preference
  • Frame – Based off the standard P226 SAO, but is considerably larger to absorb recoil and features a “sport takedown” lever
  • Barrel – 5-inch bull barrel to reduce recoil and enhance accuracy
  • Slide – Fiber-optic front sight and adjustable Dawson-style rear sight plate. Sight plate can be replaced with a direct mount Romeo1 Pro, Romeo2, or micro red dot with a standard PRO footprint
  • Grips – Hogue H10 Piranha Grips


**Please provide the name and phone # of your FFL in the order notes section during checkout.**

Sig Sauer P226 X-Five

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